For Wharton Entrepreneurs

Wharton Entrepreneurs- Education and Resource Network (WE-EARN)

Wharton Entrepreneurs- Education and Resource Network
Ross Klenoff (W ’94)

Upcoming Event:
6:00PM Wed 11 Mar 2020
Wharton Entrepreneurs Group Happy Hour/Networking

Past Events:
Jobs to be Done Innovation with Guest Speaker: Andrew Glaser (W’02)
Wharton Entrepreneurs Group Happy Hour/Networking
Branding for Startups
The Purpose is Profit
Raising Capital
David Tisch (C'03)
Lessons Learned Growing Your Start-up
Strategy Bootcamp: Business Model Brainstorming
Lessons Learned from Successes (and Failures) Leading Start-ups/ Emerging Growth Companies
Emerging Trends in Media
Intellectual Property Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs
Outthink the Competition
Strategic Advice from the VC’s!
How to Fundraise by 2 Serial Entrepreneurs!
Legal Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs
WE-EARN Pitch Night!
Starting Up, from Concept to Business!
Let’s Work Together to Propel the Next Wave of Wharton Alumni Businesses!
Startup Financing: How to Fundraise Successfully for your Startup
Robert Herzog WG '95, Founder and CEO of ZogSports
Ben Lerer (C '03), CEO of

What is WE-EARN?
The Wharton Entrepreneurs - Education and Resource Network (WE-EARN) is a vibrant community of Wharton alumni interested or engaged in entrepreneurship.

Who Is Membership Open to?
Membership is limited to those that both: 1) are Wharton undergrad or Wharton MBA alumni and 2) are or were actively (a) pursuing an entrepreneurial venture or (b) serving as an advisor/financing source for entrepreneurial ventures.  Membership is not open to vendors at this time.

To request to be included in WE-EARN, please email
1. Your Wharton graduation year(s),
2. A short two-liner about your activity in entrepreneurship/new ventures,
3. Your professional email address and contact info., and
4. Your personal email address to keep in touch throughout your career.

What Are the Benefits of Membership?
The group facilitates networking with alumni and exchange of knowledge.  WE-EARN members who have a paid Wharton Club of New York (WCNY) membership attend events at discounted prices.

For more information on WNCY membership, see Join/Renew Membership.

What Types of Activities Does the Affinity Group Have to Realize the Stated Vision & Goals?
The group organizes educational, networking and social events.

For more information on the other Affinity Groups of the Wharton Club of New York, please visit the Affinity Groups page.